Light & Interior

We are a dynamic wholesaler with a passion for lighting and interior. We put our collection together with a lot of love for our products, with a lot of attention even for the smallest details and for a fair price.


Our company was founded over 20 years ago. We started cooperation with different Lighting brands in EU and has been sourcing craftsmanship from around the world. We started cooperation with Light & Living who are manufacturer of unique lampshades in a small factory 40 years ago. Lamps were soon added, so that they could offer a total lighting concept. After being active in the lighting market for many years, L&L have expanded to include home accessories and (small) furniture. In this way L&L serve customers even better and we have something for everyone.

Twice a year L&L proudly present a new seasonal collection. We know better than anyone that home is the basis where people often feel most comfortable. A private place equipped with comfortable furniture and atmospheric lighting. L&L travel around the world in search of the best lighting and home decoration. During these journeys L&L develop unique products. L&L are inspired by the world around us. L&L therefore always looking for that special item. Something that makes our heart beat faster: feeling an irregular pattern of structure, a dazzling color of being touched by the sheer simplicity of an article. L&L immensely capture these moments and translate them into our products.


Our most important mission is to make an inspiring collection, decorative lighting and home accessories accessible with a fair price for a broad target group. "A world of inspiration".

For retailers

Are you looking for the latest trends in the field of interior design? We are happy to think along with you to put together a suitable collection.